Links// Friday Roundup

Not much this week! It’s been hectic and it feels like I posted links only two days ago. I have a couple of post ideas floating in my head, but with only 5 days in Malta before I leave (the first time, and only one day back before I leave again) I’m not sure I’ll get round to them before the 23rd.


From the guys that brought you The Fox, I present Stonehenge. I have actually bought both on iTunes.


We found some M&S pour over sauces on discount, and they’re amazing. So far I’ve had the Bramley Apple & Cider, and Honey & Mustard. There’s also a Rogan Josh waiting to be used.


Cup of Jo: the quintessential lifestyle blog.


The ones in the article aren’t so great, but the misheard lyrics in the comments had me laughing for half an hour:

The first amateur photography was very instagram-like and I want to hang a print of one of them in my room.

This woman is, as Philip DeFranco would say, a BAMF.

What it’s like to leave your family for six months and live at the ISS. (via CupofJo’s friday links)

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